I've read this article about #tuxphones, regarding security.


Seems like they aren't as good as android phones, but I would like some more input on the question. :blobcatcoffee:

:boost_ok: #pinephone #librem #linux


@kropot I am no security expert, but what they write about the OS, especially PureOS, sounds true. The FSF position on "never update propietary firmware" has its merits and reasoning, but as long as you are willing to somehow trust the vendor, it is a bit dumb. Regarding App Armor: PureOS is not really ready yet, so is the typical PinePhone distribution - so that may improve with Flatpak App stores.

@kropot I do disagree regarding the modem part: There is a benefit in a modem that is in a seperate chip that you can totally power off - at that point you do not have to trust the vendor.
All things consider, @UBports may well be the most trustworthy distribution right now, as they have the most sandboxing.

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