Looking at usb WiFi adapters

Definition of Linux support is either non existent, defined as “yes” or “driver GitHub repo”

The correct method would be to show the Linux version where their driver was added

I have found tp-link’s n150 aka TL-WN725N and ASUS’s USB-AC51 but I’m hesitant without more information

I too lazy to install drivers but will spend hours looking for a supported device so that I don’t have to later


> since Kernel 4.19 there is native support for mt7610u. Fedora 30 and Ubuntu 19.04 has this kernel version.

Thanks to I know what to get

@rudolf which specific model(s) are you talking about?

I was pointing you to the TP-Link 722. The 725 you mentioned is a nano. If you don't need nano, the 722 with its big antenna for $20 is much value for little money. That is why the Kali folks like it.

BTW, if you want an approach with absolutely no problems, buy a repeater like the TP-Link TL-WA850RE, configure it as client, and connect it via ethernet. Very big, but wirks.

@rudolf thanks, for the hackers out there these might be a great buy but I just need something to download my steam games quickly and professional pentesting equipment isn’t what I’m looking for, sorry

@lil5 @rudolf Ignore all advice from the article EXCEPT the chipsets. Don't buy a card with a chipset not in the article, it will be a headache.

I had one adapter where the Raspberry already had the 'correct' chipset driver, but the adapter didn't work. So I plugged it into Windows, snatched their firware blob file, and copied it over the one the Raspberry used. Then everything worked. If was basically the same chipset, but a different revision with a slightly different firmware.


@rudolf @dcz yeah that’s why I’ll look at all data


Is a great example of hard evidence linking to a lint in the Linux kernel :linus:

@rudolf @dcz nevermind anyone reading this later: ASUS USB-AC51 doesn’t work anymore on Linux

I found a TPLink range extender that has an Ethernet port works great 👍

Having one of those solves almost all problems with Wifi. Even with old gaming consoles or strange computers.

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