In 2021 german publishers and shops widely started to use a cookieless tracking technology.

It's based on your e-mail and login information, so you should know about it. Especially as you are even tracked without login.

How identity providers work

Identity Providers are basically recording your login and sharing this information with other pages. Here GMX sends your login ID "tpid" to Adition which shares its own cookie with several ad tech companies using a classic cookie matching. In this case only with your consent.

Other Publishers like Spiegel Online, BILD and SPORT1 track households based on the IP address (also with consent).

The ID in the first screenshot is stable against deleting cookies, changing browsers and devices. It probably gets long term persistence by logins from other household members.

Not all pages are asking for consent. In the second screenshot you can see working together with Berlin based startup Zeotap to send the hashed e-mail from a login to Google, Xandr, Mediamath, Adition and The Trade Desk.

Regarding privacy, everything is lost now.

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