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for those about to blow the whistle we salute you

This is one of the best webpages I think I’ve ever read...

Live photos are beautiful. I am looking at live photos of my wonderful cat who unfortunately passed away last month.

He was so sweet. Miss u. <3

@jordan31 Copyright is given to the creator of creative work. Creative work means having an idea and making it real.

"But wasting your time is not the worst thing the educational system does to you. The worst thing it does is to train you that the way to win is by hacking bad tests"

Unsuccessful projects are no less important than successful projects.

They are here to discover viable ways.

I have a serious compulsive book buying problem.

It's a December #FreebieFriday #giveaway!

Enter to win a Mic-Lock by commenting to this post with the following:

"I support the right to #privacy"

We will choose a random winner tomorrow afternoon after 2pm Central Time.

To receive the item, you will need to provide a mailing address. Name is not required. Winner notification will be posted as a comment and we will send a Direct Message.

Learn more about this microphone blocker in our previous post at

Good luck!

and other Google alternatives don't always get you the best possible results.

This is why it's important to use them.

We have to support alternative search engines to give them a possibility to improve.

i think there are a lot of people coding to 'hacking music' playlists with their hoodies on not willing to admit that.

nhl abuse controversy 

I strongly appreciate stallman's life-long contribution to the free software movement.

However his comments were just awful. Media did terrible job covering this; misinterpreting rms, maybe outright lying.

With this in mind, there is no justification for what he said. I am not happy about that.

a lot of questions regarding certain content available on network need to be addressed better in public discussions.

It feels like praising a devil, but I highly appreciate Apple changing 🔫 emoji to watergun back then.

The openness of people here on is amazing. It feels refreshing-- coming from bird app.

Thank you

Getting a dumb phone proven a brilliant decision. The freedom you get to enjoy is so sweet.

Subtle #IRC prank: have your hostname claiming you're on Mars and configure your client to return non-system pings with a delay between 3 to 22 minutes depending on current Earth - Mars distance.

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