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A list of free public matrix homeservers.
* By default, is used as a login to the clients, but an alternative server is better because you are de-central.
Choose your Homeserver Provider wisely, as they will be the party that has access to your unencrypted data.

Heh, Aurora Droid changelog for 1.0.6 (after 1.0.5): "An upgrade to 1.0.6 will reset all your old preferences".
Doesn't sound like a patch release to me.

Maybe, I'll use it as a messaging device. As for now it even hasn't got a sim. I've managed to install F-Droid as privileged app and definitely going to avoid bloating it with things from Play. I was a bit disappointed that Bitwarden isn't available via F-Droid though.

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Yesterday, I've finally went to a shop and got fixed one of my favorite and long lived devices. Sony Xperia X Performance. Amazing device despite the fact that the official firmware stopped at Android 8.0.
So, I've spent some time and after a couple of hours of struggles I've succeed flashing it to an unofficial build of Lineage OS 16.
I don't know a good use for it yet as I already have a newer one but one thing is for sure, I'm keeping this one.

I like the idea of the `introduction` hashtag. Allows to preventively block some individuals. 🤷 😎 🍿

I'm using a turtle clone in Julia to draw some geometric shapes, and I while it's not what I intended, I got this nice unexpected result:

function drawpie(t, n, len)
angle = -(360.0/n)
half_angle = angle/2
for i in 1:n

@svg drawpie(turtle, 5, 100)

Petition for LibreOffice to be available on android.

Let's face it.

Centos is dead.

There is a kinda Fedora LTS now and it called Centos Stream.

There is AlmaLinux which is the new Centos.

I'd say the fact that we now have the thing which is called Centos Stream is good.

And we have AlmaLinux as well which is what we had before.

At the end of the day, we have what we had and a new good thing. I'm ok with that.

I would like to see Fedora 34 could `dnf swap` into Centos Stream 9.

We need Fedora LTS:)

Woop Wine 6.0

Proton to follow?

The areas of major changes are:

- Core modules in PE format.
- Vulkan backend for WineD3D.
- DirectShow and Media Foundation support.
- Text console redesign.

This release is dedicated to the memory of Ken Thomases, who passed
away just before Christmas at the age of 51.

Signal is down!

Quick, prepare your "Join Matrix" speech! 🤯

Three programming languages I wish I'd have more use for:
* Prolog
* Fortran 90
* Z80 Assembly

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