So, what's up with ?
Are we done or do we continue spreading the word?

@lig I just migrated everything over to Codeberg yesterday. It’s too soon for me to say for sure, but I may migrate to self hosted gitea eventually, especially when ActivityPub support lands.

@benjaminhollon yeah. Activity Pub support will change the way we do code hosting back to how it was supposed to be.

@lig Personally boycotting Github is not enough.

- anon with no Github account uses software popular in the Python development ecosystem
- said software lives on Github
- anon finds bug
- anon emails one of maintainers about the bug report
- maintainer kindly asks to log to Github and open an issue

There's no end of story because anon cuts communication at this point and just stops using said software, because the situation is totally disgusting.

@birnim this is not about boycotting GitHub personally. is about moving Open Source software out of GitHub. This naturally prevents users from using GitHub.
I've elaborated on this here

@lig I think we should continue, but do not stop there, because the main developer of systemd went to microsoft, I think you know what I mean? :bongo:

@gamercat well, it's not that straightforward. MS is one of the biggest Linux Kernel contributors.

@lig Still, we need to work on that too, because MS are not our friends and they have never been friends. :ablobcatbongo:
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