I've got a good one;)

Imagine that for one year you can have only one of those. Which one would it be?

P.S.: you know what to do to get a better result 🔁

@lig My laptop doesn't have telephony nor GPS, making emergency calls and location impossible.

@atoponce That's the deal. You kinda have to choose between being able to make you living, entertain yourself, communicate, and survive in the worst case 🤷

@atoponce @lig That sounds like a “you” problem. If you had a year, that's plenty of time to mod your laptop!

@wizzwizz4 What happens when an emergency hits while in the process of modifying the laptop? What happens if something goes wrong during modification, and the laptop breaks?

@wizzwizz4 Where? At a corp I won't have access to? Who still has landlines? Heh.

@atoponce @lig Your tablet doesn't even have a way to control key repeat speed or record incoming audio from ANY source except an external mic. I had one. Literally expensive garbage that only an appliance operator would be satified with.

@alexbuzzbee the rules are rules. No one have restricted you from having it:)

@lig And I already don't have a laptop or a tablet so I feel I'm in the optimum position.

@alexbuzzbee You still have to make the choice which is not that easy 🤷

@lig Well picking between having what I already use and something I've already done without is pretty easy.

@Linux_in_a_Bit That doesn't necessarily mean it was the right one:)

@Linux_in_a_Bit you never know what would happen and where you'll end up...

@lig I discovered this while on my quest to verify on odysee without a phone, or credit card (I ended up giving up tho)

@lig I did this a long time ago, laptop broke while I was on a job away from home. Had a work desktop computer, and my Treo, and I was able to ssh to my server and do chat/email/file stuff, track appointments, make calls, look at maps on the go. Even then I couldn't survive without a smartphone. A local computer's a nice luxury.

@lig I mean, if you only can have one, the laptop is the most versatile.

@SrEstegosaurio hard to keep it alive for two weeks and make emergency calls from a place far from a free wifi.

@lig fair point, hmmm in case of moving a lot and being not in home a phone maybe end being more useful

@lig Laptop. Easy. You could have online calls and online calling aoftware is so good its better than any calling company you have. Soo yeah laptop. This is easy as heck

@lig laptop all the way. Until I reached in my pocket and couldn’t find my phone.

@lig I answered this assuming that I might still have a desktop computer. Otherwise my answer would be different. In fact, for many years the only one of these I've owned has been a smartphone.

@lig I would be happy to give up the smartphone and just live life with the three other options. Unfortunately, the smartphone seems to be the best, out of these, to mimic the functionality of the others. So if I had to choose, I would choose the smartphone, and be absolutely miserable for a year.

@lig I've managed for a year mostly with just a smart phone

I've made most of from just my phone

(Single-handedly, while minding my daughter with the other hand ;)

@lig @edsu This doesn’t say what *else* I’m allowed to have. I went with tablet under the assumption I can still have a vps to connect to, so I can ssh/VNC into that for most of my development, but that a desktop is too close in spirit to a laptop. If the first assumption is false, if’s want a laptop instead; if the second is false, I’d want a smartphone instead.

@lig I'm old enough that for several years I did have only one of those.

@Linux_in_a_Bit @lig
I'd like to justify my choice of smartphone. Pinephone with a dock, so you have phone and easy portability and at home you have full keyboard, monitor and w/e else.
@_Pelican3301 There is a version of Audacity for Arm cpu.

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