Do you use `git checkout` still? Stop.

Meet `git switch` and `git restore`.

I've totally switched (:blobcatfacepalm:) to `git switch`. If you want to incorporate it in your everyday routine, consider remembering useful `-c` and `-d` options.

@lig I know about the new commands, but using checkout in its various forms is too ingrained into my memory at this point. :D

@nicd It's good to try something new from time to time:)

@lig I’ve tried restore but I like reset better. Maybe that’s because it was meant to replace checkout instead, but I lost some changes I meant to keep because of it.

@IslandUsurper well, restore isn't a replacement for reset, indeed.
"reset" is here to stay for a while.

@lig git switch doesn’t seem to allow switching to a commit hash or tag name, only a branch. In that respect, git checkout is still useful.

@Crocmagnon Have you noticed the `-d` option, I've mentioned?

@lig No I haven’t! Thanks for pointing that out again 🙏🏻 I focused on -c.

@lig I don't really see why git switch is better than checkout as they do the same. Despite that, git restore is awesome and its syntax is much better than git checkout HEAD -- files.

@yyp well, you've actually got three point of switch. It's not checkout and not restore. If you're incorporating restore in your workflow, it seems like a good idea to use switch which completely distinguishes two behaviors for you. Also, 'switch -c' after hitting non-existing branch feels really natural to me.

@lig I'll try git switch and see how it goes

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