Well, it's time for another one... Oh c'mon, I know you like it:)

If you would be able to choose only one from options below and money isn't an issue, what would it be?

P.S.: as always boost is for you to get a better results;)

@werwolf oh, maybe or whatever:)
I strongly believe that we should care less on exact characters written but more on a spirit of a thing being communicated...

@lig yeah the problem is that it isn't the same communicating open source and communicating free software.

Recommended read about it:

@werwolf I'm well aware of the subject and am trying hard to joke my way out of it here because of reasons.

@lig in a env where money isn't a issue i would pay programmers to disable amd's IME(optional) and write libre firmware then disable the wifi, bluetooth, camera and microphone on hardware level yourself. It would be as libre as it can while being as powerful as amd/radeon gets soo "not that powerful fully open laptop" is stupid.

@lllillilll that's a great idea. However, you're missing the point of the poll;)

@lig we work from home now, so i'd take a desktop thx: pic related
@lig ah you've got the Kensington trackball -- now that's in keeping with my aesthetic

@lig missed out on the poll but I have an M1 MacBook Air so I got both power and portability and there’s projects developing M1 support for the upstream Linux kernel too so that’ll be sick.

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