Ok, guys, let's see what are you up to.

Given the following options, coding in what language would you like to spend a day?

P.S.: You know how it works -- boost to get a better results.

@lig is I could choose any others for sure nim, the right tradeoffs for me personally.

@sotolf `nim` is really good, I agree. However, this poll is more about those that already matured enough including the adoption part.

@lig Yeah, that's why I chose python for now, it's what I use at work to do stuff, now keep in mind I'm a sysadmin and not a developer ;) so I just chose what's the most practical for me :)

@lig Currently learning C. Also have an eye on Rust.

@lig am curious why you added dart in this list

@nihar You should try it yourself if you are curious. That's the reason to try new things, right?
I enjoy coding in Dart using Flutter and Flame as much as I enjoy coding in all other languages listed in the poll.

@lig Thanks for recommending DART. Now am so impressed that I want to convert all my codebase from js to DART

@lig Either Rust or Go. Preferably [secret project]

@lig kill kill kill fuck-if-I-have-to.

Wouldn't marry a one of 'em.

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