Ok, let's do a proper one...

Which one from the following list you use the most?

@lig I send the most on XMPP, but I recieve the most over Email :agummythink:

@robby @lig me too + the most chat messages i got per #IRC-transport in my #xmpp

@lig gonna say email. when it comes to stuff like the #smolnet, it feels like people generally /prefer/ email to other services! although, sometimes i see xmpp addresses around.

irc/xmpp are cute, but they feel less ubiquitous.

@lig I use email the most our of the options given. Thanks for making such interesting poll!

@lig @ademalsasa Same here. From the List i only use Mail. But most of my Communication is Signal (90 Percent), iMessage (9 Percent) and Mail 1 Percent. Not included is Communication over Voice like Personal Meeting, telephone...

@lig With Email leading this list, should be really popular...

@lig I get most via e-mail, but I'd like to replace most of it with messengers. Matrix is pretty good, even though disappearing messages aren't implemented right now (which is a really cool feature of, e.g. Signal)

Tied between IRC, Mail and XMPP. Really depends on what you count as usage.

Chat in IRC daily - Communication with Wife/Family goes over XMPP - Mail for many internet-services and automated stuff.

No Matrix whatsoever though.

@lig Email is the only one I've used more than once!


I think it depends a lot on the context.😉

Personal #messaging (family, friends & beyond): No #IRC/#Matrix at all. Last personal #email dropped in on new years eve. It was a friend I hadn't seen for about five years. Everybody else in my bubble is on #XMPP now. Especially the less tech savvy people through or some run @snikket_im for their family or group. 👍

"Professional" #messaging (work & administrative stuff) - the clear opposite: Solely #email.. 🙃

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