More flatpak grumbling... so even after I went through the process of installing some utterly massive base packages to get just one or two packages to run, there happen to be updates to those base packages (as expected!). This means I'm looking at downloading up to 2.9 GB just to get system updates. There _has_ to be a better way to do this.


Look closely. It says less then. It's usually much less in my experience. Often, it's kilobytes instead of hundreds of megabytes.
Installing apps requiring different base packages is basically similar to having several DEs installed and updating all of them at once.

@lig I know that it's possibly / probably less - but I also think that if your spec can't say for sure, then your spec sucks. :)

@funnylookinhat as far as I understand, it just does some kind of rsync/binary diff/partial update thing. Thus, the result is being determined by the data itself. The alternative approach is Delta RPM way which uses pre-build drpm packages. This way it is possible to predict the outcome but you need to build and store drpms for all possible deltas.
There is always a trade-off hiding somewhere:)

@lig Aha ok - that is pretty neat! I'm going to have to dig into those docs a bit and see what it says.

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