@neildarlow Thanks! That looks like it. It's @funkwhale btw.
It centers on music authors as far as I can see but the idea is what I was looking for. Maybe "branding" this thing a bit differently or an alternative approach could drive podcasters in as well.
As far as I'm concern, while it can host my podcast's RSS it's good enough to get into legacy podcast players.
I can imaging mirroring RSS feeds into the fediverse as well.
Thanks again, I'll look into it.


Funkwhale channels can also be followed directly on fedi, using their username, on addition to RSS subscriptions :)



@funkwhale @neildarlow That's cool, thanks!

Is there a mobile/web client implementing a traditional podcast player UX?

Are RSS feeds fully compatible with Apple's spec?

Do any of the popular traditional podcast clients have support for following the feed directly through ActivityPub maybe?

@lig @neildarlow here is an example channel in the web UI, I'm not sure if it answers your question : open.audio/channels/radiokeram

RSS feeds should be compatible with apple spec and usable on Itunes and on any podcasting app (otherwise, it's a bug ;)

I don't think any podcasting app supports subscribing through ActivityPub though

@funkwhale @neildarlow Thanks! So, for a podcast in a music media format.
And it kinda orthogonal to a social aspect of ActivityPub, i.e. I see nothing here from @jayrope; however, it has podcasts published.
And the UI is mostly music-centric organizing content into albums and artists.
In the context of a podcast player experience, I mean something looking more like this twitter.com/pocketcasts/status

@funkwhale @neildarlow I have no idea what I've meant in the first sentence:)

@lig @neildarlow
Unfortunately, Mastodon doesn't retrieve previous episodes when you browse a profile or subscribe to it, but once you're subscribed to a channel, you should see new episodes appearing in your timeline with an embedded player ;)

> In the context of a podcast player experience, I mean something looking more like this twitter.com/pocketcasts/status

Thanks! Indeed, Funkwhale's UI is more music-centric than what you would expect for a podcasting app.

@funkwhale @neildarlow Then another question. AFAIU, this is just a matter of a UI in use. Thus, a podcast-centric UI will leverage the entire network content to the extent of being able to see music content in it, right?

@lig well you could definitely build a podcast specific UI on top of Funkwhale, since it uses open APIs :)

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