People of the fediverse, lend me your ears...

I have never seen all the Star Wars films (I’ve seen some of them, can’t remember which). I recently signed up for Disney+ and plan on watching them all.

Which order should I watch them in?

@kev I have to agree with many others on here that says to watch in release order. I only ever watched the first of the Disney trilogy and stopped after that, but I have heard it isn't great. But, assuming you are watching all 9 main-line sw movies. The proper order is 456-123-789. There is really not a lot that 123 adds that improves the experience of 456. Whatever you do, enjoy it! And don't let mob opinion stop you from enjoying whichever ones you like. :)


@wesley @kev Right. And there are spin-offs that worth watching as well. As for me, Rogue One is one of the best SW movies overall.

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