Just fixed a service running in production by deleting around 20 lines of code. Added nothing.
The best fix in the world.

Sometimes this is the only answer one can come up with in a chat room at work...

OMG 🤦‍♂️

I have tests failing. An expected value of a test var is `720`. I see it fails with `720 != 700`.
I've spent the entire evening yesterday digging a bug.
It's turned out this morning that I have `700` as the expected value and `720` was the actual correct value.

How the hell I haven't noticed this yesterday? :)

BTW, @session

It looks like something isn't right with icons in the dark mode.

Ok, I've installed @session on the Laptop and on the phone. I have a Session ID now. Everything looks clean and completely silent. My emptiest messenger so far.

Midnight poll. 5 minutes timer!

Shall I...

Ok, I've survived there and back, thanks to aquaphobic closes.

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I honestly don't want to go there. Sadly, there is no hope it ends soon and I think there is no point in sitting in the car on a supermarket parking.
What a shitty place and time to be.

Have you ever had to hand over your phone number in order to use a private messaging app?

This is a big problem — lets talk about why.



I'm here now to give you important advice.

Don't listen to random advices.

I'm starting the "GNU/Linux Shell Tip of the Day"
(it starts today and ends a day before tomorrow):

TLDR pages
The tldr pages are a community effort to simplify the beloved man pages with practical examples.

I wish I'd new as many speaking languages as how many I know programming languages. It feels good and gives a lot of fun to learn almost 20th programming language and it's so much struggle learning a third speaking one.

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