Another great little piece of Open Source.

For those who have wide monitors like me, it could bring the joy of reading some web pages back.

This is a Chromium/Firefox extension that narrows page width to your liking and allows you to change the alignment of the result in the window.

I've tested it and it works flawlessly.

I just want to let you know that if you are a fish shell user and you fancy using emojis in your git messages there is a nice way to do it using the `fish-gitmoji` project written by me;)

I cannot stop listening to Amanda Gorman's poem. It's kinda trance and stunningly deep.

My highlights.

Anthem, poem, speech.

All three are tear dropping.

For what it worth, today I've learned what is the next Lady Gaga hit record is:)

I'm using a quite customised keyboard layout, here are a little bit about that, and if you're interested in making writing feel better maybe it's worth a try :)

Could anyone recommend an open-source Desktop Stellar Wallet for Linux (Gnome/GTK is preferred) which displays current XLM and assets values in fiat money?

Hey, @nikhilsaraf!

I'm reading the Kelp docs, this one to be precise

Could you please correct me if I'm wrong regarding the logic of placing orders at different levels?

The level density controls the final result that the bot targets. It keeps generating random levels and running the carryover logic until the target level density is reached. And for each level candidate, it decides whether or not to place an order based on the carryover probability.

In your opinion, which living person has individually done the most good for humanity?

Let me tell yall something. Bitcoin is one weird way to say anonymous. In fact it was never meant for anonymous. If I knew your bitcoin ID, I can track all your purchases. Why does everyone think bitcoin is anonymous when its easier to track thsn credit card?

More than four months have passed since the release of Gajim 1.2.2. A lot has happened during this time, including a complete redesign of both Gajim’s Preferences window and configuration backend. Be the first to have a look, and help us ironing out the last issues before the final version arrives.

And if you are using GNOME and want a simple Matrix client then consider trying Fractal.
It lacks some features but is very simple, light, and integrates well into the GNOME Desktop Environment.

Another nice looking Matrix client. Open, free, and written in Flutter. Thus cross-platform as it could be.

Well, CNN's home page looks stunning today. One disgrace after another...

A couple more of my commits have been accepted into the Flame engine code.

I really enjoy collaborating with the Flame development team.

Also, I'm continuing to support the null safety branch which hasn't been merged yet.

Feel like contributing to our open source project? We have a list of tasks that we feel would be a good first contribution. Check it on our GitHub:

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