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LibreOffice tip of the day: You can show formulas instead of results with View > Show Formula (or Tools > Options > LibreOffice Calc > View > Display > Formulas).

Governments and public bodies: don't become victims of vendor lock-in! Public money is better used to support free software and open standards. Look at Dortmund in Germany, where free and open source software is now a standard:

Today we released LibreOffice 7.1.2 – the second bugfix update to the 7.1 branch. But what are the big new features in the LibreOffice 7.1 family? Check out this video for an overview...

Update time: LibreOffice 7.1.2 is now available, with over 60 bugfixes and compatibility improvements. Learn more and download it:

LibreOffice tip of the day: You can copy from one sheet to another without the clipboard. Select the area to copy, Ctrl+click the target sheet's tab and use Sheet > Fill Cells > Fill Sheets.

LibreOffice tip of the day: Use Data > Statistics for sampling, descriptive statistics, analysis of variance, correlation, and much more in LibreOffice Calc.

Missing LibreOffice in your native language (or another language that you know)? Give us a hand, and let's make it happen! Our localisation and translation communities will show you what to do:

Want a new feature in LibreOffice? Make it happen! We're a community open source project – so give our volunteers a hand, or consider funding a developer to work on the things you need:

Tell us: how did you discover LibreOffice? Maybe it was via friends/family/colleagues, or perhaps you learnt about it from a magazine or website. Whatever your story, we want to hear it – reply and let us know!

LibreOffice tip of the day: In Calc, you can open a CSV file as a new sheet in the current spreadsheet via Sheet > Sheet from file.

LibreOffice tip of the day: Want to find words containing more than 10 characters? Edit > Find & Replace > Search > [a-z]{10,} > Other Options > check Regular expressions.

LibreOffice tip of the day: Change the basic fonts for the predefined template or current document per Tools > Options > LibreOffice Writer > Basic Fonts. More details here:

LibreOffice tip of the day: Did you know that you can attach comments to portions of text? Just use the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+C.

Students! Get financial support to work on new LibreOffice features, and boost your skills at the same time – take part in the Google Summer of Code 2021, supporting free and open source software projects:

LibreOffice 7.0.5 is now available to download. We're maintaining the 7.0 branch until June, and this update includes over 100 bugfixes and document compatibility improvements:

Calling all Japanese-speaking LibreOffice users! The LibreOffice Kaigi (online) event will take place on Saturday, 12 June. Join users, developers and volunteers to talk about the latest LibreOffice technologies, and future plans:

LibreOffice tip of the day: Make it easy to insert a picture in a Writer template by Insert > Fields > More fields > Functions > PlaceHolder > Image. One click to select an image.

Let's bring new and younger contributors into the LibreOffice community! In January, we announced the "New Generation" project – and to start, we've worked on a flyer that can be distributed in schools and universities:

In February, LibreOffice's QA (Quality Assurance) community fixed 153 bugs. Thanks to everyone who helped out! And you can give them a hand too, by reporting issues and testing fixes – learn more:

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