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Our community is awesome! Last September, we met in Almeria, Spain, for the LibreOffice Conference 2019. We shared ideas, presented new technologies, and had fun at social events. Learn more in our Annual Report:

Quick survey: Which component in LibreOffice do you use the most?

Win awesome LibreOffice merchandise! Be a Handy Helper, assisting other users on Ask LibreOffice, and at the end of the month you'll get a cool sticker pack. (Plus a chance to win a hoodie, T-shirt or mug...)

LibreOffice communities around the world love to meet in person, share ideas, work on the software, and have a good time. When "real life" meetings aren't so easy, like in recent months, we go online! Check out the updates from a virtual meeting of the Hispanic LibreOffice community:

259 sticker packs have already been awarded in the Month of LibreOffice, May 2020! If you haven't got one yet, join our projects and help our community – you don't need to be a developer:

Survey time! Where do you use LibreOffice?

In 2019, The Document Foundation – the non-profit entity behind LibreOffice – joined various activities around the globe. In addition, it gained two new staff members, and had elections for a new Board of Directors. Thanks to everyone who donated and supported us!

LibreOffice 7.0 is on the way! Our QA (quality assurance) community has announced the first Alpha release, for testing. The final version is due in early August. More details here:

We've been accepted in the Google Season of Docs, which connects technical writers with free and open source projects. Together, they'll be working on documentation for LibreOffice! Learn more here:

LibreOffice community members are passionate about free and open source software, and open standards. Today we talk to Marco Marinello, who recently became a member of The Document Foundation, the non-profit entity behind LibreOffice:

After the first week of the Month of LibreOffice, May 2020, 187 sticker packs have already been awarded! Find out how you can join the LibreOffice project, help the community, and win awesome merchandise:

Become a LibreOffice expert! Download the free Getting Started Guide, the perfect accompaniment to the suite. It has chapters on all the components, along with tips, tutorials and more. Thanks to our documentation community for their great work on it:

LibreOffice 7.0 is coming! We're about halfway through the development cycle, and on Monday May 11m we have our first Bug Hunting Session. If you have some technical knowledge, help us to test the pre-release and report any glitches you see, and together we can make it a super solid final release in August:

The Document Foundation is the non-profit entity behind LibreOffice. Each year, we compile an annual report of our activities – and now the first section is online, LibreOffice in 2019! Check it out to learn about improvements in the suite last year:

LibreOffice tip of the day: Edit > Find & Replace lets you insert special characters directly: right click in the input fields, or press Shift+Ctrl+S.

New features are coming to LibreOffice, thanks to students in the Google Summer of Code! LibreOffice is free and open source software, so students can study how it works, and add improvements with the help of mentors:

LibreOffice has extensive documentation, thanks to our worldwide community. Today we're announcing an update to the Base Guide, a 470+ page handbook covering all aspects of database creation and management:

Win LibreOffice stickers, T-shirts, hoodies and mugs! Join the Month of LibreOffice, May 2020 – everyone who contributes to our projects gets a cool sticker pack. And we have some extra bonus merchandise to give away too!

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