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Donations to The Document Foundation help us to maintain our infrastructure, keeping the LibreOffice project running smoothly. Learn what we did in 2021:

LibreOffice 7.2.7 is now available, with 47 bugfixes. This is probably the last release in the 7.2 series – from here onwards, we'll be updating the LibreOffice 7.3 branch:

Exclusive sneak preview on Mastodon: Members of The Document Foundation can vote on the new application icon for LibreOffice. Want to become a member and participate in future polls?

LibreOffice's Quality Assurance community analyses bug reports from users, helps to fix them, and adds automated tests to prevent them from appearing again. Learn about their work in 2021:

LibreOffice's Quality Assurance community resolved 475 bugs in April. Learn more about their work, and help them to keep the software rock-solid:

Got some free time this weekend? Join the hundreds of people contributing to LibreOffice! You don't need to be a programmer – and you can get cool merch too:

Want to boost your programming skills? Dip your toes into LibreOffice development, and learn how to write a good commit message with your changes:

Wow: "4904 people helped to triage 6717 bugs in the last 365 days."

Thousand thanks to everyone!

Level-🆙 from a LibreOffice user, to a LibreOffice contributor! You can learn new things, build up your CV – and have fun too. Oh, and we have cool merchandise to give away:

Press release from @EDPS providing the rationale about their investment on #OpenSource #fediverse platforms which include @Mastodon and @peertube

Excellent news for all of us as we really need our institutions to lead by example.

Then if @EU_Commission would start looking at adopting #ODF as the standard file format and @libreoffice as their office suite it would make it a lot easier to reduce the dependence from a handful of US corporations.

Documentation galore! We had many handbook updates and translations last year, thanks to LibreOffice's docs community – and your donations:

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