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Check this out! Our LibreOffice Design community is now on Mastodon:

Developers: look at this burger. "What's it got to do with LibreOffice", you're probably asking? Well, take a deep-dive into the suite's Metafile support, and learn how you can extend it:

The LibreOffice Conference is our annual get-together of users, developers and supporters. Last year, the event took place online – and for 2022, we're hoping to meet in-person again:

Love LibreOffice? ❤️ Contribute back to the community that makes it happen! 💪 You can also learn new skills (looks good on the CV), and meet new people:

Join us at the ! We'll have a stand, where you can pop by and chat to us about LibreOffice and our projects 👍 (We're also a Community Sponsor too.) More here:

In 2021, The Document Foundation had elections for a new Board of Directors. It also supported campaigns such as "I Love Free Software Day":

We just lifted #CollaboraOffice for #Android, #iOS & #ChromeOS to the next level. 🚀

The upgrade to the 21.11 core brings new features & improvements 📱

🏁 Performance improvements
👆 Contextual Toolbars
🌟 New effects for shapes

All details 📢

How do open source projects do mentorship, and what can we all learn from each other? Check out this cross-community panel discussion (from the Fedora Mentor Summit 2022), which includes Ilmari Lauhakangas from the LibreOffice community:

Did you know? 💡 LibreOffice has an alternative user interface, called the NotebookBar! Try it out – go to View > User Interface in the menu, and then choose Tabbed ✅ (And if you want to switch back, click the menu icon in the top-right of the NotebookBar.)

User interface improvements are coming to LibreOffice ✏️ But we need your help and feedback! Give our Design community a hand, to improve the Table Properties dialog:

Build up your skills, and gain experience for future career options! This tutorial shows you how to use Gerrit review effectively, when working on the LibreOffice codebase:

The Document Foundation is the non-profit behind LibreOffice. Last year, we worked with our community on two new major releases of the software: 7.1 and 7.2. Learn more in our Annual Report:

Lots is happening in the LibreOffice project: new releases, guidebook updates, interviews, podcasts and more. Check out what we did in March:

New update: LibreOffice 7.3.2 is now available, with over 80 fixes and compatibility improvements. Find out more, and download it:

How awesome is this? The LibreOffice 7.3 Writer Guide is now available, thanks to volunteers in our documentation community. Download it and do more with your word processor:

A quick follow-up: we bridged the various communication channels together, so users only need to use one. That was quite a bit of work, but here's some info on how to do it:

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