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Quick heads-up: The Free Software Community of India let us know about their Software Freedom Camp 2021, an online mentorship programme. Last date to register is 5 November:

Welcome to November! Use this month to build up your skillset, meet new people and join the LibreOffice project. And grab some cool merch on the way! Check it out:

@libreoffice flyer for schools and universities.

I replaced "open source" with "freedom-respecting" and taking suggestion by @praveen , rotated the logo of open source to make it copyleft logo.

"Make open source Rock; celebrating working together" in Michael Meeks' #Collabora keynote at the LibreOffice conference 2021🌞

Available now, together with other presentations from #LibOCon.

Get them ⏬

#opensource #foss #collaboraonline #LibreOffice

Thought LibreOffice is just an office suite? Think again! 💡 It's a worldwide community of people and projects, doing awesome things to improve the software and spread the word. Learn what we did during October:

Coming up in a few days... The Month of LibreOffice, November 2021! But what's it all about? Keep an eye on our blog for all the details – and what you can win:

The development of is a success story driven
by the effort of the #community & #ecosystem partners like yours

See the latest figures of #LibreOffice growth and Collabora's contributions in 2021 📊

#opensource #foss #cool_dev

LibreOffice 7.3 – due early next year – will feature Bash shell-like autocompletion in Calc, the spreadsheet. Thanks to Dennis Francis at Collabora Office for making it happen! More details:

Here's a new extension to quickly remove blank cells in LibreOffice Calc – and the developer would appreciate help to improve it! Check it out:

LibreOffice tip of the day: Writer lets you number your footnotes per page, chapter, or document: Tools▸Footnotes/Endnotes▸Footnotes tab▸Counting

Look here – ten more videos from the LibreOffice Conference 2021! Learn about becoming a member of TDF, the OpenDocument Format, our survey of Calc users, and more:

We are glad to announce #CollaboraOffice for #Android & #iOS🌻

Version 6.4.13 gives you the widest range of features and best performance🍀

📊 Import CSV Files
⚙️ Freeze Columns and Rows
🔠 Fontwork text art

Get it👉
#foss #gdpr

Announcing the election for the next Board of Directors at The Document Foundation, the non-profit entity behind LibreOffice:

Community Member Monday! Learn how Hlompho Mota is helping to raise awareness of LibreOffice and FOSS in Lesotho, and build a translation team:

Something for the weekend: more videos from the LibreOffice Conference 2021! Explore the technology behind the suite, and what our community is up to:

At The Document Foundation, we have a budget to help LibreOffice community members with events, merchandise and infrastructure. So if you've got a great idea for a project but need financial support, let us know:

Get updated: LibreOffice 7.2.2 is now available, with 68 bugfixes and compatibility improvements. Learn more and download it:

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