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What do all these people have in common? That's right: they're awesome! ❤️ In May, they helped to report and confirm bugs in LibreOffice, working with the QA community to make the software more robust:

450 pages of tips, tricks and tutorials – the Getting Started Guide for LibreOffice 7.1 is here! Huge thanks to our documentation community for working on it. Grab the PDF here:

Today, we welcome allotropia – a provider of services and consulting around LibreOffice – to The Document Foundation's Advisory Board:

Many new features in LibreOffice are implemented by volunteer developers around the world. Hossein Nourikhah joins The Document Foundation to help bring new developers on board – here's what he has to say:

Hello, world! The Japanese LibreOffice community met online earlier this month, to share knowledge, provide updates, and improve the software:

I chose: Yes, it is my main tool.

I use LibreOffice everyday especially Writer and Impress for my teaching activities. I also writing ebooks and currently authoring a book in progress. All my students submit their assignments in Open Document Format and do those jobs with LibreOffice. I made an educational poster about LibreOffice just some times ago and I was very glad @libreoffice helped me resharing it.

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At The Document Foundation, we don't just encourage people to try LibreOffice – but to get involved too! The software is made by a worldwide community, and here's how we're bringing new members on board:

Check out these awesome community developers, who improved LibreOffice last Month! Join our dev team and build up your skills:

Last year, Kukuh Syafaat designed this awesome logo for the LibreOffice Conference 2020. Today, we're starting a contest to design this year's logo! Join in, show off your design skills, and win some lovely LibreOffice merchandise:

If you find LibreOffice useful, why not contribute back to the community that makes it! You don't need to be a programmer – you can help out with guides and translations, like Manuel Frassinetti does:

OpenDocument is the native file format of LibreOffice, and is supported by many other productivity tools. Here's an update from the Technical Committee that works to improve it:

A new major release of LibreOffice is coming up! Yes, LibreOffice 7.2 will include a bunch of new improvements and features – and is due to be released in August. Help our developer community to test and polish it:

LibreOffice tip of the day: Rename your slides in Impress to help you more clearly define "Go to page" interactions, and to have a summary more explicit than "Slide1, Slide2" etc…

Social media, blogs and websites – we at The Document Foundation (the non-profit behind LibreOffice) use these to spread the word, and find new contributors. Learn about what we did in 2020:

LibreOffice tip of the day: Use Sheet > Fill Cells > Random Number to generate a random series based on various distributions.

Next week, Hossein Nourikhah will join the team at The Document Foundation, the non-profit behind LibreOffice, as Developer Community Architect. He'll help to bring new contributors to the LibreOffice project, and get them started:

LibreOffice's Documentation Team – largely driven by volunteers – achieved many great things in 2020! Get the handbooks they created, and get involved:

Announcing the winners in the Month of LibreOffice, May 2021! Everyone who contributed to our projects last month can claim a cool sticker pack – and there's some bonus merch too:

Lots of awesome things are happening in the LibreOffice community – new releases, user guide updates, @gsoc and more. Check out our recap of May 2021:

Local communities help to spread the word about LibreOffice, and encourage users to get involved. In May, the Albanian community had its first in-person meetup in quite a while! More here:

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