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Yes, you can use LibreOffice inside a web browser! Learn about LibreOffice Online, the cloud-based version of the suite – where it came from, what improvements were made in 2018, and how you can deploy it on your infrastructure:

"I started with LibreOffice almost a year ago, following a post about how everyone can contribute to this project." Find out how Buzea Bogdan joined our community, and how he's helping to make LibreOffice better with bug reports and videos:

The LibreOffice Paris HackFest 2019 will take place on the weekend of July 5th-6th – come along, meet our community, and see for yourself how LibreOffice is developed!

You can get a cool sticker pack – and a chance to win an exclusive mug – by simply tooting about why you love , or helping users on our community assistance website! Join the Month of LibreOffice, May 2019:

Next year, we'll celebrate the 10th anniversary of LibreOffice – and our annual conference could be in your city! Help our community to organise it, and make a proposal:

Last year, we released two major new versions of LibreOffice, along with 14 bugfix versions as well. Learn more in our Annual Report: – And help us to make 2019 another great year with a donation: – thank you!

LibreOffice 6.2.4 is now available, with bugfixes from our worldwide community of developers! Learn more and download it:

Our next C++ workshop is coming up on 23 May, and covers binary search trees. Learn all about them with the help of experienced LibreOffice devs!

213 sticker packs have been awarded so far in the Month of LibreOffice, May 2019 – so join us, give our community a hand, and get your stickers! You'll also have a chance to win a cool LibreOffice mug too:

In our latest Community Member Monday, we talk to Vera Blagoveschenskaya, who helps out in the LibreOffice Quality Assurance (QA) project:

Communities make free software happen! Last weekend, the German LibreOffice community met to discuss the project, exchange ideas – and have fun:

LibreOffice 6.3 is being developed by our worldwide community! Join our Bug Hunting Session on May 13 to fix issues in the first Alpha release, and make the final version rock-solid:

Get help from experienced C++ developers and expand your knowledge! Join our workshop tomorrow (9 May), covering binary trees:

99 sticker packs have been awarded so far in the Month of LibreOffice! Want to get some for yourself? Take 20 minutes this weekend to help our project and get your name on the list:

This month we had a new release of LibreOffice, interviews with community members, news about upcoming events, and more! Check it out in our recap – and join us for the upcoming Month of LibreOffice!

"I got valuable experience communicating with a worldwide community" – LibreOffice contributor Roman Kuznetsov talks about how he joined our project, what he's working on, and where how he'd like to see the software develop:

Get awesome free LibreOffice merchandise! On May 1st we're starting a new Month of LibreOffice, where you can grab a sticker pack (and a chance to get a bonus mug) as thanks for contributing to our project. Learn more and join in:

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