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Get help from experienced C++ developers and expand your knowledge! Join our workshop tomorrow (9 May), covering binary trees:

99 sticker packs have been awarded so far in the Month of LibreOffice! Want to get some for yourself? Take 20 minutes this weekend to help our project and get your name on the list:

This month we had a new release of LibreOffice, interviews with community members, news about upcoming events, and more! Check it out in our recap – and join us for the upcoming Month of LibreOffice!

"I got valuable experience communicating with a worldwide community" – LibreOffice contributor Roman Kuznetsov talks about how he joined our project, what he's working on, and where how he'd like to see the software develop:

Get awesome free LibreOffice merchandise! On May 1st we're starting a new Month of LibreOffice, where you can grab a sticker pack (and a chance to get a bonus mug) as thanks for contributing to our project. Learn more and join in:

Learn to code! Boost your C++ skills! And have fun :-) Our next programming workshop is coming up tomorrow, on 25 April – watch a video to learn about C++ features, then join experienced developers for a chat:

LibreOffice 6.2.3 is here! It includes over 90 bugfixes and compatibility improvements, thanks to our worldwide community and certified developers. Learn more, download it and support our project with a donation:

Where did LibreOffice come from? What happened to its predecessors, and StarOffice? Discover the rich history of the software on our timeline!

Did you know? We have a blog where we write about LibreOffice and free software events, chat with contributors, post news and job offers, and much more:

LibreOffice tip: With Edit ▸ AutoText ▸ Import you can select a Word document or template, containing AutoText entries that you want to import

LibreOffice is made by a worldwide community – check out our map of contributors to learn more, and read interviews with them!

Our LibreOffice community on Reddit has over 3,000 subscribers! Join us for discussions, help and updates about the software:

Boost your programming skills! Join our next C++ workshop on 11 April at 18:00 UTC, and learn more about linked lists. Experienced LibreOffice developers will give you a hand:

LibreOffice tip: need to move a paragraph in Writer? You don't need to cut and paste – just use this keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+Arrow up/down (on macOS, replace Ctrl with Cmd)

"As an open source fan, I thought: why not get involved in this project? Then a few community members introduced me to the LibreOffice community!" Find out how Biraj Karmakar is helping us to our software even better:

LibreOffice tip: Center a picture in a Writer Table's cell? Anchor as ▸Center buttons in Formating (horizontally) & Table (vertically) toolbars

Announcing the First Latin America LibreOffice Conference, which will take place in Asunción, Paraguay on July 19 (Friday) and 20 (Sat)!

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