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"As an open source fan, I thought: why not get involved in this project? Then a few community members introduced me to the LibreOffice community!" Find out how Biraj Karmakar is helping us to our software even better:

LibreOffice tip: Center a picture in a Writer Table's cell? Anchor as ▸Center buttons in Formating (horizontally) & Table (vertically) toolbars

Announcing the First Latin America LibreOffice Conference, which will take place in Asunción, Paraguay on July 19 (Friday) and 20 (Sat)!

LibreOffice community members around the world help to spread awareness of the software and open standards! We were recently at the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage, where we had a stand, answered questions and gave talks – find out more:

In March we had two updates for LibreOffice, news about upcoming conferences, C++ workshops, interviews with awesome community members, and more! Check it out:

We have lots of events coming up in the LibreOffice project, such as the German Community Meetup – plus regular calls about design, documentation, marketing and more: nextcloud.documentfoundation.o

And here's our first tip: Want to sort a pivot table? Click on a drop-list's arrow in the row/column header and select sort method: ascending, descending or custom

We're on Mastodon! A big thanks to Fosstodon for the help! We'll be posting updates and news about LibreOffice, along with tips and tricks for using the software.


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