We've uploaded six more videos from the LibreOffice Conference 2019, covering neural machine translation, LibreOffice Online, and the upcoming 10th anniversary of the project: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

@Gina Hi Gina, if you're deploying LibreOffice in a business, then we strongly recommend sourcing it from one of our ecosystem partners. Then you can get support from them, fixes for specific issues, and other benefits: libreoffice.org/download/libre

Community and interoperability – these topics are covered in the latest batch of video presentations from the LibreOffice Conference 2019: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

@zudn We have to have accounts to combat spam, I'm afraid! Otherwise the answers would get completely lost...

@zudn Hi Zudn, I'm afraid we can't give technical support on social media (we just don't have the resources), but you can use our community assistance website here: ask.libreoffice.org/en/questio

LibreOffice has extensive documentation, thanks to our worldwide community – and it's translated into many languages as well. For instance, the Russian LibreOffice community translated the "Getting started" guide: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

At the recent LibreOffice Conference 2019 in Almeria, Spain, community members gave presentations on many topics: migrations to LibreOffice, building a community, and regional events. We've uploaded 10 more videos: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

In September, we had the LibreOffice Conference, along with new developer groups focusing on compatibility and macros. Plus updates from around the world, a logo competition – and our ninth birthday! It's all here: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

Check this out: the LibreOffice and openSUSE communities will have a joint conference next year in Nuremberg, Germany. And you can design the logo for it! Full details here: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

Update time! Today we're releasing LibreOffice 6.3.2, with 49 bugfixes and compatibility improvements. Learn more and download it: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

@codesections @nebunez Hi, if anyone has found a bug in LibreOffice, our QA community would appreciate a quick bug report at at bugs.documentfoundation.org – please provide lots of details (LibreOffice version, operating system, exact steps to reproduce, and screenshot if relevant). Then our QA community can investigate further – thanks!

We're worldwide! LibreOffice is available in over 100 languages, thanks to our community of translators and localisers. At the weekend, our Nepalese community celebrated Software Freedom Day with a localisation event: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

LibreOffice can open documents in many formats, but its native one is ODF (OpenDocument Format). At the recent LibreOffice Conference in Almeria, community members provided updates about ODF – and we've put videos of the presentations online: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

Last week, we had the LibreOffice Conference 2019 in Almeria, Spain – and it was fantastic! Here's a quick video recap: youtube.com/watch?v=5pXO72dJXN

Love LibreOffice? Give the community behind it a hand! You don't need to be a software developer – you can help by assisting other users, translating the interface, promoting the software and more. Start here: whatcanidoforlibreoffice.org

Check out the photos from days 2 and 3 of the LibreOffice Conference 2019 in Almeria, Spain – including a great guided tour at the end: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

Day 3 of the LibreOffice Conference 2019 is underway! Join us on our special bus to the event, for talks about design, translations, LibreOffice Online... And an announcement about next year's conference location! conference.libreoffice.org/201

@stragu Hi, you could suggest the idea on the Document Liberation Project discuss list: discuss+subscribe@documentliberation.org

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