In April, LibreOffice's QA (Quality Assurance) community fixed 207 bugs – and worked on many other bug reports too. Learn more and give them a hand:

Update time! LibreOffice 7.1.3 is now available, with over 100 bugfixes and compatibility improvements. Learn more and download it:

Create 3D objects in LibreOffice! You can use Draw to add bitmaps, select the right angle and lighting, and add other effects. Here's a quick guide to making a globe, for instance: (map: Daniel R. Strebe)

Last year's LibreOffice Conference took place online, due to the pandemic. But we still had lots of talks, presentations, workshops and sessions – and many videos from them too! More here:

New LibreOffice releases, conference news, documentation updates, Open Badges, interviews and more... Find out what happened in the busy LibreOffice community in April!

Build up your skills, meet new people, and make LibreOffice rock! Today we're starting the Month of LibreOffice, May 2021 – where everyone who contributes to our projects gets a sticker pack, and chance to win extra merch:

Thanks to localisation volunteers around the world, LibreOffice’s documentation is available in many languages. Today we're issuing special badges for translators of the French Math Guide 7.0 – great work, everyone!

In a few days, the Month of LibreOffice begins... Stay tuned to our blog for all the news:

In 2020 we had two major releases of LibreOffice (6.4 and 7.0), packed with new features thanks to our community and certified developers. Plus lots of smaller bugfix updates too. Learn more in our Annual Report:

Students around the world learn valuable skills, and build up experience, by contributing to free and open source software projects like LibreOffice. Necdet Yücel helps to mentor students on their journeys:

We've come a long, long way over the years... Check out the history of LibreOffice, OpenOffice(.org) and StarOffice on our timeline: (Screenshot: Masterhit, CC-BY-SA,

Help us to spread the word about LibreOffice in schools, colleges and universities! And bring new people into our projects, so that we can keep on improving the software 👍 You can hand out these flyers:

The Document Foundation is the small non-profit behind LibreOffice. What did we do in 2020, supported by generous donations from users? Learn about our activities in our Annual Report:

Due to the pandemic, many events in the LibreOffice community had to move online last year. But we still had the chance to meet up (virtually), share ideas and keep improving the software. Find out more in our Annual Report:

Guess what: LibreOffice documentation is available in many languages, thanks to our worldwide community of writers and translators. Today, the Czech team announces the Writer Guide 6.4 – great work, everyone!

LibreOffice is a worldwide project, with hundreds of people across the globe contributing to development, design, documentation, marketing and more. Join us! And read about how Gökçe Kuler got involved with the dev community:

Boost your LibreOffice skills! Our documentation community has released the LibreOffice Writer Guide 7.1 – covering styles, illustrations, indexes, tables of contents, master documents, form design, document automation and more:

What's new in LibreOffice 7.1? And how can you help to make 7.2 extra awesome? Watch our online presentation at Grazer Linuxtage – today at 13:45 UTC:

Every day, LibreOffice gets stronger thanks to the great work of the Quality Assurance community. In March, they fixed 224 bugs and resolved hundreds of other bug reports! Learn more, and give them a hand:

Governments and public bodies: don't become victims of vendor lock-in! Public money is better used to support free software and open standards. Look at Dortmund in Germany, where free and open source software is now a standard:

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