LibreOffice is now available from The Document Foundation on the Mac App Store, with a convenience fee of €8.99, which will be invested to support development of the software and our communities. (It will still be free-of-charge from our website, of course.)

@libreoffice yes, what a great move! Let's make open source software even less accessible on MacOS by forcing users to pay for it, and giving Apple a share of the $$. Fantastic 😜

@franz @libreoffice I would see this as an additional donation channel. If you are accepting donations through paypal, patreon, flattr whatever the service, you are paying for that service. By selling otherwise free app through whatever store you are giving choices not taking them away. If you would like to get it for free, head to the website, download and install from there. If you would like to have one click experience when installing donate trough the store.

@pvagner @libreoffice in a perfect world, where everyone is deeply familiar with computers - sure. However, in a world where people don't know what browser they are using, but understand that to install software, they have to go to the "App Store" application, that doesn't expand choice, but limits it.

@franz I guess you didn't read the blog post 😕 You're not forced to pay for it. You can always get it for free from our website, as we stated.

@libreoffice I guess you didn't read my previous comment.

It's not about where else it is available, it's about which approach a user is familiar with, and the options available using this approach.

@libreoffice Ist the convening a working *localized* installation and a fat Board for x86_64 AND aarm64?

Because the downloadable version is complete impossible to deploy in a corporate setting.

And the terrible localization script that is offered does not recognize LibreOffice as a version it can localize.

Is the AppStore version any better than this?

@MacLemon I'm not sure what "convening" or "fat Board" is in this context. LibreOffice from TDF is made by a community for a community. If you want to deploy it in a business, it's strongly recommended to source it from the ecosystem, to get long-term support, extra packaging options, and other benefits for businesses:

@mfolim When people help us to make an iPhone version! We're a volunteer-driven project, with very limited resources, so we focus on the desktop version. But you can already get LibreOffice-based apps for iOS:

@libreoffice Thanks for your kind answer.
I will wait for it. Regards a Fedora user.


I'm more than happy to pay it, but I wish the glitches/problems with using LO on MacOS would go away

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