10,000 followers here on Mastodon/Fosstodon! Thanks to everyone who supports us 😊

@libreoffice thanks for actually being present here and not just crossposting a Twitter feed and calling it a day!

@libreoffice Following an account is not the same as supporting them. Esp. on Fedi, since there's no algorithmic TL where you benefit from engagement alone.

My follows are not endorsements.

@tauli We never said all followers are supporters. We just said thanks to people who support us.

@libreoffice I'm glad you are on the fediverse! I wish more projects/products were. You have been my go-to office app for many years now.

@hankg Thanks Hank! Glad to hear you're finding LibreOffice useful. Please let family/friends/colleagues know, and together we can spread the word 👍

@libreoffice I definitely do :). I do wish the consistent rendering of word processor documents with MS Office was fixable but since it often falls down to the default fonts not being installable and embedding the fonts is not common for most people (and balloons the size) just have to live with it when sharing documents with others. I'm sure MS has less than zero intention of fixing that and thus ceding supremacy to you, Google Drive, etc. :(

@hankg Yes, perfect compatibility (especially with the OOXML "Transitional" format) is very difficult. Here's a useful article with arguments, to convince people to switch to other formats:

@libreoffice I regularly recommend libreoffice to all sorts of people, elderly, non computer people. It's the best open source office solution out there right now. Thank you for putting the work in.

@libreoffice Congratulations on this milestone! Couldn't have happened to a nicer office productivity suite!

@libreoffice i think the word you where looking for is Fediverse.

Great you are here!

@fu but their followers are from the whole fediverse, not just from Mastodon/Fosstodon. I'm always annoyed when people confuse that.

It's like saying "we have 10,000 followers here in germany", but they are from the whole world.


@davidak @fu @libreoffice If someone also had other profiles on different services, he'd most likely not say “in the Fediverse” but instead specify the respective service he'd be talking about. 🤷


In Telegram, there is a Persian language channel that explains one of the details of LibreOffice every day.
Channel link:

It also has a Persian-language blog that posts the same content there.

@libreoffice Congrats! 😀 And thank you for building such great tools. 👏

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