Poll time! Do you use the NotebookBar user interface in LibreOffice? (Available in the menu, via View > User Interface> Tabbed)


This is what it looks like, in recent releases, by the way...

I personally don't use it, but as a trainer, I show this feature to users who are accustomed to M$ Office and they are quite receptive

@libreoffice oh boy, that looks beautiful and convinient! Thanks for the mention!

@libreoffice that looks amazing, will that be set to default soon?

Oh! Then yes, I do use it, rather than, "have never heard of it." Too much time with MSO365 at work. I've forgotten the old ways.

Imo, I do find this method slightly more intuitive. Though regardless of the toolbar or software, I do occasionally have to look up where what I want is kn the internet.

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