Poll time! Do you use the NotebookBar user interface in LibreOffice? (Available in the menu, via View > User Interface> Tabbed)

This is what it looks like, in recent releases, by the way...

I personally don't use it, but as a trainer, I show this feature to users who are accustomed to M$ Office and they are quite receptive

@libreoffice oh boy, that looks beautiful and convinient! Thanks for the mention!

@libreoffice that looks amazing, will that be set to default soon?

Oh! Then yes, I do use it, rather than, "have never heard of it." Too much time with MSO365 at work. I've forgotten the old ways.

Imo, I do find this method slightly more intuitive. Though regardless of the toolbar or software, I do occasionally have to look up where what I want is kn the internet.

@libreoffice I typed wrong. I use it because it is more similar to MS-Office, which I used before and to which I am accustomed.

@libreoffice I hate Ribbons because I am struggling with finding anything on them, especially when elements aren't arranged in a strict grid. A classic Menu / Smart Icon combination works best for me personally. I can parse text a lot faster than I can interpret icons.

@libreoffice I don't use it just because my screen resolution is low, so the UI gets all weird.

I think I have it on one machine. Need to trim down the options (I do, you could perhaps have better defaults) because it doesn't work on a small screen.
I think there's too many menu options and just replicating that in the bar format can't work.
Good luck though! You guys do sterling work.

@libreoffice Full disclosure: I answered "no" on a technicality.

I don't use LibreOffice :P

@libreoffice I think the tabs are actually a better interface but I personally don't use it because I'm too much used to the standard interface. I think it's good to have it as an option! I For people coming from MSoffice it might make migrating much easier!

@libreoffice I just tried it, and it made Writer look like this:

I have to say not just no, but hell no!

@scruss Well, it definitely shouldn't look like that! But without more details, it's hard to say what the problem could be... What version of LibreOffice, on which operating system? If it's Linux, are you using Gtk/Qt?

@scruss You could try LibreOffice 7.4, and if it's still an issue, report it to our QA community here:

@libreoffice This probably would be useful for MS Office users trying LibreOffice for the first time.

I personally prefer the standard toolbar interface. The tabbed UI is inconsistent with large and small icons spread throughout, with no way to search for available actions. Case in point: took me a while to figure out how to switch to the default interface from the tabbed UI!

@libreoffice One UI Mistake from MS Office that you should not replicate as you continue work on this design are the teeny tiny buttons on the bottom right corner for some groups, where you get a menu when you click on them.

1. They make for a horribly small click target
2. It took me years to accidentally identify them as something to click on to get a menu, because they looked like a resizing control to me

Also, try to make the elements as uniform in size as possible in a limited space.

@libreoffice For me personally, the drop-down menus are more convenient if you memorise where which function can be found, but I’m happy that, with LO, I can choose which layout suits me the best.

@libreoffice I don't use the tabbed interface, because I had issues with it when it switched to dark mode. Libre office is still not great when switching theme while it's open.

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