LibreOffice 7.4 arrives in a few weeks – with support for 16,384 columns in spreadsheets! Thanks to Luboš Luňák at Collabora Office for implementing this feature in Calc. Learn more:

(Of course, when you're working with such large amounts of data, you might want to consider using Base...)

@libreoffice Maybe this is a stupid question, but why doesn't Calc have infinite columns? Not that I would need that, just out of curiosity.


@tobtobxx Hmm, well, the amount of columns has to be stored in a number somewhere. And those have upper limits 😉 More here:

@libreoffice Huh, fair enough. 2^14 is a weird limit, but whatever. The monster who is gonna create that many columns deserves to run out of them.

@tobtobxx Well, that's for compatibility with other office suites. Maybe we can make it even bigger in future, but then a database is probably better 😉

This is a horrible feature, but I support it! However, I hope I never get a spreadsheet with that many columns sent to me ;)

@libreoffice In 1998 those of us who still used OS/2 or eComStation could have more than 18000 columns in Mesa 2 spreadsheets, so the world isn't always moving forward at a rapid pace...
It's sad that many great features of proprietary software are lost as products are discontinued.

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