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@libreoffice I love #LibreOffice for its ease of use and its no nonesense design.
Its powerfull software but still easy to learn.
Most importantly its opensource.

@libreoffice I love #LibreOffice because it uses open document formats.

Users should stop depending on proprietary file format, created by some big corporation.

@libreoffice I love because I can send my teachers assignments that were completed using fully free software without them ever realizing I left the walled garden of Microsoft. :)

(Even using the odt format, they usually don't notice.)

@libreoffice (I use reply to ensure that this post is federated properly)

I absolutely adore #LibreOffice because of a whole lot of reasons:

It’s free (so I can not only use it myself, but I can recommend it to everyone and at the same time avoid certain problems with paying for software)
It has pretty good compatibility with Microsoft Office (at least, if both are latest version) using both ODF (which MS Office can open) and native MS formats (still some problems with presentations, though)
Customization! I can choose layout that not far of from that I’m used to, simplistic vector icons that I personally like more, and dark theme to not have that eye-hurting brightness on my screen ever again
Linux! Proper GTK theming, builds in a lot of native formats (I don’t like flatpaks), etc.
LibreOffice Draw is the simplest vector graphics editor I’ve ever used
Collabora Office, which is based of Libre, has Android version (and it’s only good android office app I’ve found exept for Google’s)
Nothing useless and unnecessary (it still feels a little bit bloated for personal use sometimes, but you can disable features you don’t need)

@libreoffice Why do I love #LibreOffice ?

The reasons are plenty:
1. With LibreOffice, I do not have to pay hundreds of dollars for Microsoft Office subscriptions just to write one or two documents from time to time. I have it installed on my every computer and I don't need to bother about subscription.
2. LibreOffice stays what it is. When Microsoft is changing its Office suite, adding more features no one asked for, moving... I'm sorry, hiding current options from users so they have to look for it everywhere, LibreOffice does not introduce so drastic changes. Even if there are, I have a choice (sorry, I still don't buy the idea of ribbon, even after all these years xD).
3. I can legally install "office suite" to my friends without being accused of being a pirate by anyone. It usually works like this "Hey man! I need to write an assignment for my classes. Do you have a spare copy of Microsoft Office?" "Are you only going to use Word?" "Yes!" "Then just download LibreOffice. It will work just exactly the same and it's free" 😆

@libreoffice I love #LibreOffice, because it's a great tool for everyday tasks at work and at home. It's awesome to document everything and it's easy to share with other users who use other tools. I also love that it is Open Source, so anyone can improve the project by contributing to it.

@libreoffice what if i actually dont want any "merch" ? if i dont want to say you or anyone my address? if i dont want new things at home? hmm?

@hacknorris Then jut don't reply to the offer to receive merch. It's really that simple.

@libreoffice I love #LibreOffice because I canto USS it Dirk EVERY platform. It is consistent across every OS so I don't have to re-learn it every year. It US trustworty and complete for my office needs

I love since the time it was called StarOffice, because I'm free to explore my files and still be able to open them after more than 10 years.
It's my only office suite, at home, since then.


I love #LibreOffice because it's completely free and opensource software with great design. Libreoffice is also multi-platform, easy to use and with great performance :thinkerguns:

@libreoffice I like Libre Office because it is free, no fust and fast.
Most importantly it is an application where most of the free word processor or office suite is web-based.

@libreoffice only one who work flawlessly on wayland just hope to see one day two more integrated interface with KDE and Gnome


I love #LibreOffice (in particular Writer) because it makes it fast and easy to lay out the internal files for paperbacks I publish through POD platforms. It is more powerful than Web-based tools, has better layout features than MS Word, and it's free -- what's not to love?

I also use Calc for tracking my writing productivity. As a writer who has not yet had commercial success with his books, free tools like this mean a lot to me.

@libreoffice gibt es Schulen, die mit #libreoffice arbeiten? Vielleicht kann eine #FediLZ Lehrkraft ja etwas schreiben lassen. Ich liebe Libreoffice, weil man damit Artikel perfekt auf Zeichen schreiben kann (ist bei Word immer mit Klicks verbunden).


I love #LibreOffice because
it helps to keep education in schools and universities independent from companies and their questionable business practices.

@libreoffice It must be over 10 years now of using .

Libreoffice has been there for personal, education, and work all those years. Now my daughter also defaults to it. Always there, robust, and it has never let me down. Looking forward to many more years, and generations, relying on it.

@libreoffice hi, I am teaching my own computing course online based on software freedom in Indonesia since 2017.

This course helps people switch from Windows to GNU/Linux, or more precisely from proprietary to free software.

This course makes all students use LibreOffice Writer, Calc, and Impress. They always save as #OpenDocumentFormat. They practice #LibreOffice on all operating systems, preferably #GNU, in their computing life.

I named this course Teknoplasma.

@libreoffice I use #libreoffice in the professional space because of its wide range of features such as PDF editing unavailable on many other office suites and because of its adaptability.

While I used to use proprietary programs in the past, since I used a niche application, the constant fear of deprecation would loom over my head.

With LibreOffice, not only do I never have to worry about obsolescence, but I can also change LibreOffice to fit my workflow through its code.

@libreoffice I love #LibreOffice, because it's open source, it works on Linux and because it has good compatibility with Microsoft Office.

#LibreOffice works wonderful with SVG vector images.
So most of my presentations are reusable even in PDF version 🤩.

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