@grumpy_copilot nice! I just tried it again like a month ago and it still looked like it was designed in 2002. I can't complain for free, but I can certainly use something that looks to be made in this decade.

@ducky Not sure what you mean – Office 98 certainly didn't have a tabbed interface, like this... (And you know you can change the icon theme too, right?)

@libreoffice oh yeah that looks way better. Maybe my distro had an old release. Weird. I'll take a look tonight when I get home

@ducky It may be a very old release indeed – LibreOffice has had the NotebookBar for a few years. (View > User Interface > Tabbed)

@libreoffice do you have any plan to make a cloud based Libreoffice version ? I think that would open many possibilities to Linux world.

You are absolutely right @islamicaudiobooks . #CollaboraOnline is #LibreOffice in the cloud. ☁️ #Nextcloud Office is a customized version of Collabora Online. Thank you for spreading the message! 💪 .@typhoon @libreoffice

@libreoffice thanks for the response! Possibly I did not came across to that, I will check it 👍

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