Docs galore! In 2021, the LibreOffice documentation community did fantastic work, updating the guidebooks for the whole suite. Learn more, and grab the docs here:

@libreoffice Cool, thanks for this, I have updated my blog post., and also linked to the new download location (but keeping a link to the old one too)

@libreoffice you know that I only use Calc and writer but I should Dowload entire LO.. why? I only need 2 parts not entire LO!!! 😠

@jazei Hi, the vast majority of code in LibreOffice is shared between the components. Even if our community were to put lots of work into splitting them all out for individual downloads, the "core" download wouldn't be much smaller.

@libreoffice wow!!! I didn't know that about shared core!! That is the reazon!!!! thank you and 🎅 🍷 🎄

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