Wow! 😊 Last week we had a record number of downloads. More and more people are discovering LibreOffice – And you can help us to spread the word about the free and open source office suite, that respects your privacy and freedom:

Β· Β· 7 Β· 35 Β· 34

You are wrong Sir. :blobgentle:
More and more people do not discover #LibreOffice. More and more people πŸ’š #LibreOffice. :blobthinksmart:

@libreoffice Where are these numbers from? Do these also cover the Linux Downloads from all distributions or are these only from the website?

@zwerg12 From our download servers – so not including Linux distros, as we don't have access to all their stats.

@libreoffice OK thanks! So in reality there are even more downloads. That's a nice development πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

Of course you did! Because Libre Office is amazing 😍

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