Good news: Germany's incoming government appears to endorse free and open source software. Check out some quotes from their coalition agreement:

@libreoffice Here‘s to hoping that some of that government funding can be committed to fixing some long-standing platform accessibility bugs in LibreOffice that are plaguing users on the various platforms and seriously hamper productivity. Would love to use it more, but run into obstacles too often, and don‘t have the personal resources to dive in and provide fixes myself unfortunately. But many of these are needed if LO is to be used in government offices anyway. So here‘s hoping.

@marcozehe Sadly, some of those long standing issues with Libra Office may not be solved. One time, I tried to talk to one of the board members at the foundation. His response was to tell me to contribute to the project to resolve the issues.

@ppatel Yes, I largely had the same experience. As far as I understand, most developers working on LibreOffice are actually employees of some Linux-focused company such as Red Hat, Canonical etc., and do this as part of their day job, but not exclusively. So, because they distribute LibreOffice with their distros, they also contribute. What‘s needed for the a11y stuff is solid funding and one or more programmers focusing on this. That‘s why I mentioned the German government and my hopes.

@ppatel They, as well as some other open source projects, need to get out of that mindset that a11y contributions are for free. At least when the contributions needed cross a certain threshold, there is no way on Earth this can be done for free. And every government funding deal MUST include a11y as part of the package, IMHO.

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