Hypra, a French social-impact company with a specific competence in hardware and free software accessibility, joins the Advisory Board of The Document Foundation:

@libreoffice that's excellent news! Hopefully it means accelerated progress on increased #accessibility in LibreOffice (of both the interface and the outputs).

@stragu @libreoffice I hope so too! I'd love to replace Microsoft Word while traveling without compromising in productivity because something is inaccessible.

@blindscribe @libreoffice Hi Robert! I reported an issue I found while testing one of your templates:
Let's see what happens! 🙂
And thanks for your work on those templates.

@stragu @libreoffice I am glad someone likes my templates! I am about to upload a new version, by the way, because I made some new macros just for fun that will clean up stuff like extra white space, etc. I couldn't get the fields to work at all in LO, so I stopped trying to develop for it. I hope someone gets back to you.

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