LibreOffice tip of the day: Generate fully customized PDF documents. You can define the exact PDF format, image compression, comments, access rights, password and other options. Go to File > Export as PDF in the menu

Well, but, @libreoffice
And where is the simple
click one button and everything is OK
with PDF export - button ???

What have been good working good in previous version.

@alm10965 It's in the toolbar. If it's not in yours, you must've changed something. You can add it back!

Well, thanx👍
But I miss the easy one - click - function in previous #LibreOffice version.
I have an spreadsheet with background image, and only the background img appears in PDF, but not the content of the table.

@alm10965 But it still is one-click! (Well, then you have to confirm to save, but you can just hit enter for that.) Nothing changed with PDF export or the button on the toolbar in LibreOffice 7.2, so maybe it's something about your setup:

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