Help us to improve LibreOffice Calc! Our Design community is running a survey to see what users need. As we're a volunteer-driven project, we appreciate all feedback and help:

@libreoffice the ability to open a 16k line spreadsheet would be a good place to start.

@10leej LibreOffice already supports spreadsheets up to 1,048,576 lines. If you mean columns, there is a default 1,024 limit but work is ongoing to improve this. You can enabled support for more columns as per this comment: – But of course, as we're a volunteer-driven project with very limited resources, we'd love more help to finalise that feature and make it default!

@libreoffice ah I've had it crash trying to open up 16k lines before. Maybe that spreadsheet had some complex math going to too. Not sure it didn't really spike the cpu or memory and don't have access to it anymore. That was also with the 2018 build of Libreoffice math.

@10leej Ah OK! A lot of progress has been made in the last few years, so hopefully you have better results with more recent versions of LibreOffice 👍


I'd like to second the need to support > 1,024 columns. The experimental support is still unstable (of course, experimental 🙂 ). It would be great to see the official support for more columns in LibreOffice 7.3.


@GerryT @10leej It would be great to have it, indeed! But as mentioned, we're a volunteer-driven project with very limited resources. If more people help our community to polish the feature, or fund developers to finish it, it'll be available for everyone sooner!

@libreoffice @GerryT The saddest truth of open source. Resources are just plain too finite to please everyone.

Thanks for your reply. Wouldn't this be a good case for a tender by The Document Foundation?
The issue of "very large spreadsheets" (> 1024 columns) seems to be complex and touches different sub-systems of LibreOffice (at least: filters, Calc data structure, UI). So much work has already been put in getting it to an experimental feature, but apparently it needs some tender and coordination to finish the last mile.


@GerryT @10leej Yes, arguably it's worth tendering! Tender proposals are made and ranked by the Engineering Steering Committee: – So feel free to join one of their meetings and push for it too!

Hello LibreOffice,
Thanks a lot for all the great work you have done so far.

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