LibreOffice tip of the day: Do not insert manual breaks to separate two paragraphs. Rather change Indents & Spacing > Spacing > Below paragraph at the style/paragraph properties.

@libreoffice This makes sense in using style formatting. I regard this to be over the top in direct individual formatting. Or do you have a use case for me?

@libreoffice Sorry, what? This sounds like some kind of parody on overly technical software. You think anyone is going to do all that instead of just hitting enter twice?

@forteller If you want a document to be well-structured and easy to reformat in future, then you should definitely use paragraph styles rather than hitting enter to arbitrarily add spaces between paragraphs, yes!

@libreoffice @forteller The default styles shipped should have paragraph spacing. Can't recall if they do.

@forteller I mean, setting margins, indents and spacing has always been a normal part of word processing. Plus if you change your mind later, you can easily change this with a couple of clicks. And you can make a document template with your preferred styles already saved in it for next time, saving you the effort in the future.


@forteller @libreoffice Not the people who see computers as advanced typewriters, but anyone who writes more than one document a month should learn basic word processing (tab stops instead of spaces, paragraph spacing instead of blank lines etc).


this should be standard by using an office suite not only with libreoffice

@silberhaeckse It mostly is, I haven't seen a word processor in several decades that didn't let you do this.


@libreoffice This is good advice. Use the paragraph properties to your advantage and be more efficient.

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