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Hi #LibreOffice,

Congrats on all that you've been able to achieve over the years.

We have a small question. Today we copied a #webpage into a LibreOffice #Writer document and the firewall went crazy. It seems that Writer runs #JavaScript by default.

Is running Javascript really important for LibreOffice users? We've not investigated this in much depth but to us it would seem like a really bad idea to run random javascript and wonder whether it should be switched off by default?

We do realise that we, as a #FOSS community, are ideologically competing with other #WordProcessors that are proprietary and want to "do everything the same way they do".

But in today's age of #privacy and #cyberSecurity consciousness, maybe we can lead by giving people options on how they paste. For example:

"The content you are pasting contains JavaScript, that can be run for dynamic content.
[ - ] Don't paste, don't run.
[ - ] Paste but don't run.
[ - ] Paste and run.

@dsfgs Hi, I don't believe LibreOffice runs JavaScript at all. Not sure what you mean by "the firewall went crazy", but if you were copying a whole webpage, then it was presumably trying to load all the images too! For more, check out:

Thanks for your response.

Interesting. We would have considered images but there were no images on the page.

We assume that icons (PNG files) in the header do not copy across, but we will investigate this further and report back when its better understood what might be happening here.

Thanks again,

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