Why do you use LibreOffice? Perhaps because it's free and open source software, or because it runs on Linux, Windows and macOS. Maybe it's because it opens 150+ types of document: – Or possibly because you want privacy and control over your data. Tell us!


Libre office has been my main office application since college (technically it was still open office then as it was pre-fork)

The fact that it not only works fully with Ms Office documents but also abandoned legacy MS files from word perfect make it a great choice for anyone that wants to escape big M's money hunger.

Being open source is great but is honestly just an added bonus for me.

I always recommend Libre for any of my clients.

For me its because it has good functions and it respects my privacy.

Bonus: I can flex to my colleagues that Excel fails to open large table files but LibreOffice can :)

@libreoffice :libreoffice: So fair never had issues with it and its a very uses full tool to have and the best part is that its :opensource: take it from me! I have 4 years of experience :ablobcatrainbow:
=Here is the version I am running=

@libreoffice Because I want free and open source software.
Because I want to have my own keyboard shortcuts!
Because I don't want a vendor lock-in.

All of the mentioned reasons.

But a more up to date Version in my @linuxmint repositories would be very nice.

I dont like it, but a excellent support (better than now) of Microsoft document types is necessary for me... too many MS users out there... :mastosob:

@libreoffice Greetings! I appreciate the time and effort you all put into developing and maintaining LibreOffice. I use LibreOffice because of it's Free and Open Source (FOSS) nature, even the philosophy behind FOSS. I am intrested in privacy and security online and FOSS does respect users' privacy and security, generally speaking. I like the fact that it's a community and passionately driven project as opposed to depending on a closed source ecosystem that "Big Tech" would have.

@libreoffice simply because it is OpenSource and free, meaning I don’t need to be worried that I will not be able to open my files in few years. It is great to know that your data is yours.

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