Tell us: how did you discover LibreOffice? Maybe it was via friends/family/colleagues, or perhaps you learnt about it from a magazine or website. Whatever your story, we want to hear it – reply and let us know!

@libreoffice I don't remember well anymore but I think I discovered it when the Linux distro I was using back then switched from OpenOffice to LibreOffice.

@t0k @libreoffice Same here! I believe I was on Ubuntu back then, and I never stopped using LibreOffice.

Just searched replace for popular closed-source office suite. Now LibreOffice on all machines i and my parents use.

@libreoffice common sense and an hour on the computer, linux mint app store
@libreoffice I tried to fin an alternative to MS Windows and then found your soft. It's great!

@libreoffice Started using it as soon as I learned about the issues proprietary software present.
It's a really great free software project.

Long ago I started using StarOffice, because it was free and I didn't really like Microsoft at all so I didn't want to replace WordPerfect with MS Word and the annoying paperclip.

And then it became OpenOffice. And then it became LibreOffice.

@libreoffice First? StarOffice 4.0 with the release free of charge for private use in 1998 mentioned in a magazine.
Then 5.0, OOo 1.0 - OOo 3.2 - LO 3.3 till now.

@libreoffice I used to work with MsOffice and OpenOffice.

But at work I discovered LibreOffice and now I usually use it. Much better!

Unfortunately, many official templates to get research funds are in docx format.

@libreoffice I discovered libreoffice back in the early days somewhere.around 2007, 2008. It came preinstalleed on Ubuntu 8.04 which was on my first computer.

@libreoffice I've used Linux since 1994 and have paid for and used Applixware, Wordperfect, and Star Office. With the move to Open Office it was a natural progression to LibreOffice.

@libreoffice I first started to use Libre Office in 2012. My old computer broke and I had to get a new one but didn't have much money. I was able to find a cheap, used computer through Free Geek. At the time they only sold computers with Xubuntu on them, with Libre Office pre-installed. The volunteers promised me that normal people could use Linux, that it was free and that Libre Office was the best MS Office alternative and it was free, too. It's cross platform, so everyone can use it.

@libreoffice many years ago, I discovered OpenOffice. Then the OSX version that I had started getting glitchy. I searched for an alternative and found LibreOffice. I've used it ever since, like probably for a decade at least 😊🙏

@libreoffice StarWriter on a C64. StarWriter on Windows 3.11, StarOffice until 4.2 later, then OpenOffice via Sun Java Access Bridge, then watched the transition of Symphony to IAccessible2, followed the LibreOffice project loosely since its inception. Now wanting to get more involved with its accessibility.

@libreoffice When I decided to switch to GNU/Linux instead of Windows

@libreoffice I used StarOffice back in the day. That was affordable as a legal copy where Microsoft's stuff wasn't. (I vaguely remember something about a free-as-beer version, but we're approaching 30 years on this...)

Then, Star Division sold to Oracle or whomever (boo!) and the next thing I remember interviewing at Google for a paid maintainer role for OpenOffice. Didn't get it, but I think that was ok.

Next thing I know, the default office on my Linux distro is LibreOffice.

@libreoffice after writing this, I looked up the release history. I probably started using StarOffice with the 1994 2.0 release, because I have a vague memory of the new components being new in next year's 3.0 release. I'm not sure now. But it's closer to 25 than to 30 years, then.

I do remember running 3.1 on Linux! That was exciting!

Most Iranian #LibreOffice users became familiar with LibreOffice after getting acquainted with GNU Linux.

@libreoffice I've been using this since it was StarOffice, a single screen interface back in the '90s. Written by a 16 year old in Germany. Have now worked with several iterations and have settled on LibreOffice as the most usable.

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