Poll time! For how long have you been using LibreOffice?


i remember in late 2000 with the grand-grand-grand-grand-parent staroffice in redhat under gnome you learned ctrl+s every 5 seconds

@ranx @libreoffice Same for me: I was using OOo first, then I have switched to LibO since the release of their first stable version (3.3.0, in January 2011).

I started using it when even OpenOffice didn't exist and it was still called StarOffice…
I've been using LibreOffice from its beginning !
Thanks for all and keep it on !

@petitevieille @libreoffice
Us too. Though we lose track of what years stuff happened in, suffice it to say it's been a fair length of time.

@libreoffice I have never bought Microsoft Office in my life since I got my first laptop.

When I need to print something, libreoffice is my go-to.
Ditched Google docs when it came out that they scan and delete private documents for "hate speech".

@libreoffice Basically since that one time I reinstalled Windows for the first time and found out that Office is not "free real estate".

I'm not looking back, you guys are doing great!

I try once a year, hit an issue within the first ten minutes and go back to something working.

Last time, CSV import resulted in half the data of one column lost. With this kind of stuff, I refrain from using libreoffice.

@musicmatze @libreoffice My experience is just the opposite. I only open CSV files in OpenOffice, as I got, by far, the better output.

@libreoffice 1-3 years, about the same amount of time I've been using Linux!

@libreoffice In a day-to-day from 1 to 3 years. If I am going to count the first time I installed it, well 8 years or more


It got me through high school and college helping me avoid using Microsoft Office.

J'ai commencé avec le CD StarOffice qui était offert par un grossistes de pieces pour PC.

Idem. Puis OpenOffice quand avec l'école on avait des licences MS Office offertes.

Yah, After Bank Street Writer, MultiMate, and Wordstar, there was #Star_Writer, and #StarOffice was free even before being #OpenSource and then under the tutelage of the Mighty #Sun_Microsystems.

After #Sun was gobbled up by the #Evil_EllisonCo, OOo was going to be hopefully released back to the community, shepherded by the capable defectors of #The_Document_Foundation, but Larry Ellison, being the vindictive dik that he is held the brand hostage until the defectors had rebranded the fork as #LibreOffice, and then, after effectively killing off the #OOo brand, he dumped it like trash on the Apache Foundation, where it languished in their *incubator* until it was all but completely irrelevant.

Long live The Document Foundation; Long live LibreOffice!


@libreoffice At home first StarOffice, then OpenOffice and later LibreOffice.

@libreoffice switched over from openoffice around the time oracle took that over (which according to wiki is 10 years ago now)

If you count OpenOffice and StarOffice, a million years. 😁

Perhaps you should have an option 'You don't use LibreOffice'. And, should you ask also with 'Why?' you would probably gather much more useful information for the project.

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