Interested in design and marketing? LibreOffice 7.0's branding was made by Bayu Rizaldhan Rayes from our awesome community – and now we have a 3D Blender model as well thanks to Barbara Tostes. Join us and contribute your ideas and feedback:

@libreoffice Other menu alternatives as Android hided and vertical ones and a LO android version - collabora has one - would be great for further versions.

@libreoffice ... Also in tablets as pinetab old horizontal menu style is not finger friendly.

So if not my idea, I think that any other finger friendly alternative should be implemented, and perhaps it is a great deal for a Android version or even arm lignux mobile and tablets versions.

Also natural finger writting and dictation add-ons would be great.

@mitcoes Things will only be implemented if people help us! We're a volunteer-driven, community open source project with very limited resources. We do all we can, but can't make things happen by magic – so if you really want something, please fund a developer to work on it:

@libreoffice I will donate, but I am unemployed now, I though giving new ideas even if they are to park them until someone rethink those is to contribute too.

But if it is only money or free work what is needed and not ideas and suggestions, sorry.


@mitcoes Ideas and suggestions are great – all we're saying is, they won't be implemented unless someone steps up to work on them. That's why we encourage people to get involved or fund developers – not just you, but anyone else reading this who likes the idea. We need help to make it happen πŸ™‚

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