Open Letter to Apache OpenOffice: Today marks 20 years since the source code to OpenOffice was released. And today we say, LibreOffice is clearly the future of the suite (see the timeline). Let's all get behind it, for the benefit of all users:

@libreoffice well, at this point OpenOffice is not even an option, so it feels like both communities should try to aim for the same objective even if that means one of them declining.

@libreoffice − "Hello ! I'm Oracle ! I'll be in charge now…"
− "Hey ! It's Oracle again… Well… I prefer to let Apache do it instead…"

@libreoffice you guys also need a better logo. Maybe you can take over the OpenOffice one even, if this works out? Seems though as if the few remaining airheads there refuse any cooperation anyway

@libreoffice yeah really sad situation, I wish they would join their forces with you

@libreoffice Wait. You mean there's still ongoing development at Apache for OpenOffice? I thought the project was already dead and buried.

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