Update time! LibreOffice 7.0.2 is now available, with over 130 bugfixes and compatibility improvements. Thanks to our worldwide community and ecosystem developers for their work on it! Learn more and download:

@libreoffice Thanks a lot! Is it normal that my Linux Mint updates manager never includes any LibreOffice notification?

@ijatz_La_Hojita @libreoffice Linux Mint and other 'fixed point' distros won't give you the latest release of software like LibreOffice to avoid breaking any dependencies. If you want the latest release, just go to the Software Manager and install the 'Flatpak' version of LibreOffice.

@sudo @libreoffice @ijatz_La_Hojita ...or just get a distribution that delivers updates fast and still don't break anything.If you're a nerd,Arch is good.If you're not,EndeavourOS gives you a graphical way to install and manage Arch.

@nipos @libreoffice @ijatz_La_Hojita While I too love Arch and Arch-based distros, recommending it to new users is generally not a great idea. Arch Linux itself, especially, is pretty 'hands on'. Besides, changing your distro just to get the latest release of some software you like is somewhat outdated and inconvenient. It is much easier to install and manage something like a Flatpak, Snap or an AppImage.

@sudo @ijatz_La_Hojita @libreoffice Sorry but Snap and Flatpak are shit and AppImage is not even fully installed,just like a portable .exe file.Snap heavily depends on a proprietary appstore by Canonical.And both Snap and Flatpak have the problem that they ship all dependencies,requiring hundreds of MB of storage for the smallest programs because of all the dependencies.It's a huge waste of storage that should be avoided.You should just choose a distribution which repositories aren't super outdated and you'll be fine with installing programs the normal way.Arch was just one example.

@libreoffice Was the way CTRL+F (inline Find Replace, not opening the menu) works in Writer intentionally altered in 7.0.1? If so, is there a way to set it back to the previous version's behavior? The new way is driving me nuts. It used to highlight whatever you had written before in the Find box (typing would replace the entry); now it adds on to what's in the box.

I'd ask about 7.0.2 but I don't know when the PPA I'm subscribed to will update its package. :)

@AesAthena I don't think it was changed, but as you didn't mention which operating system you're using, it's hard to say... If you still have the issue in 7.0.2, you can report a bug at so that the QA community can investigate. Thanks!

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