Our video showing LibreOffice 7.0's new features has subtitles in 14 languages, thanks to our worldwide community of translators! Catalan, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Kurdish, Lithuanian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Slovenian and Spanish:

@libreoffice there is a link, correct? I can't remember the server would you mind posting?

@libreoffice thanks! Is this the official instance if I was to follow it?

@LPS It's run by a Board member of The Document Foundation, so you can call it official in that sense :-) But we may set up a dedicated LibreOffice instance at some point...

@libreoffice That's a great idea. I have my own single-user instance and realize how ideal it is. This way the project is not mixed with potentially undesirable content and you have total control, but still accessible to the whole peertube network especially for a project of your size. I hope more libre projects take this approach:)

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