In 2019, LibreOffice's Design community @liboDesign worked on the NotebookBar user interface, along with menus, icons, the sidebar, a "Tip of the dialog" box dialog and much more. Discover all in our Annual Report:

@libreoffice always interesting seeing what LibreOffice does differently to MS Word with their UI

@libreoffice Nice job guys! 😃 Looks much better than Microsoft's mess.

@libreoffice Good grief, this is why I like LaTeX and Overleaf or a plain text editor.

... Why? Why are you basically copying the ribbon? No-one likes it anyway!

@dheadshot It's not a "copy" – the NotebookBar has some fundamental differences, and is available in various configurations. And anyway, it's totally optional and made by volunteers – if you don't like it, just don't use it!

@libreoffice I like the tabbed/ribbon interface. It's way better, both in usability and for productivity. You should pretty much make it the standard.

@laila @libreoffice There is quite a bit of debate over that as far as I know. While I think it's understandable for different people to have different tastes, #LibreOffice should make it more clear to new users that different UIs are available for it. Perhaps, a 'first-run wizard' that asks which UI you want to use might be a great way to achieve this.

@sudo @libreoffice I agree, this 'first-run wizard' is a great idea. Please do it @libreoffice

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