LibreOffice is free software – but it doesn't come out of nowhere! Donations to The Document Foundation, the non-profit entity behind LibreOffice, help us to grow our projects and communities in many ways. We appreciate your support:

@libreoffice Donations would be easier if we knew how deduce them from taxes. On your website, instructions are available for US and Germany residents only. When I asked about France (I'm stuck here) the answer was "check yourself and let us know". Anybody in the French LO community knowing how it works?

@saikonobiwa You could ask the French LibreOffice community on their mailing list: to subscribe, and check the instructions in the automatic response to confirm. Then you can mail to ask!

@libreoffice Thanks but I am already flooded with emails. A mailing list to ask one question is not really the most efficient way of communication.

@libreoffice Not sure if this helps for UK donors, the UK HMRC (Tax Office) has Gift Aid…
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